Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Fireplace Mantels & Trees

I love the fluffy birdie tails!

Mmmm.....candle light reflection warms my heart.

These are the wreaths we sell on our Christmas Tree stand....

I love how the dining room mantel came together this year...

Daddy and Natalie cuddling by the warm fire...
on our deck furniture :)

Six for $1 Glitter Snowflakes.... Perfect for the big REAL tree in the living room.
I used 24 for the whole tree. They are 6" wide.

Dinner by candle light....

Added some ribbon to the Dining Room Tree

Living Room Fireplace Mantel
Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers! Welcome to my home at Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peak. I was overjoyed at how the dining room mantel turned out this year. I spent a whopping $36.75 for all the items (not including the fresh wreath. That was a gift from my hubby). Lemme break it down some: 3 for $1.00 fluffy birdies, $1.00 tin plates, $4.00 bag of cinnamon pinecones, $.25 clearance for silver balls, $1 red stockings, $1 pine garland. $1 glass candle holders, $2.50 cranberry candles. Yes, I shop for bargains! All of the $1 items were from The Dollar Store and the rest was from Walmart. I'm thrilled how the dining room mantel turned out! Its never looked this pretty in the 15 yrs we've lived here. The focus was always on the living room mantel and I'm happy I could pour some love in that poor neglected stone fireplace. Its my new happy place in our home. I would love to hear some feedback from you. Thanks again for stopping by.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to you and your family!!!
~Stay Beautiful Within, Erica~