Saturday, February 19, 2011

~Scrabble Board Game Project~

I have the fondest of memories of my Grandmother Charlotte, Mom & Aunt Diane playing Scrabble and drinking coffee at my grandmothers kitchen table. As an adult I LOVE playing Scrabble also. But w/ a different twist, I play online. Its the new generation of easy score keeping, correct grammer and spelling. Now comes the question: What should I do w/ my old Scrabble board game?
And here is the answer:
I laid out all these fantastic words w/ just one game. TED, ERICA, RYAN, JOSHUA, KELLY, MATTHEW, NATALIE, LENKER, LOVE, FAMILY, GOD, INSPIRATIONAL. And later I added FUN, HOPE & US.

Next I glued them all on w/ the World's Best Craft Glue...ALEENE'S TACKY GLUE.

Natalie was sitting on my lap the whole time. And Yes, she helped put the glue on EVERY game piece.

How fun would it be if I still worked in an office and this was my name plate?

My new fun project now sits on top of the mantel in the dining room along w/ my fat jolly Snowmen.

I went ahead and glued my name to one of the wooden holders. I love it! It sits on my craft desk in my home office...
just in case I forget my name one day. :)
~Stay Beautiful Within, Erica~