Monday, September 20, 2010

3:45am Battle With A Bug

Ok, so within an hour of starting a new blog I get a cute story thats post worthy.   Ahhh... the late hours us mommas keep and just as I'm heading to bed our little Matthew (3 yrs old) starts yelling in his sleep about leg pain.  Bless his special needs heart.  Hes use to A LOT of pain.  Instead of crying he growls, wierd... I know.  As I'm tending to his growling I asked him about this pain.  He said a bug bit him.  A bug with big eyes and claws! Bless him.  Bad dream mixed with growing pains in his leg... not a good combination.  I trust the ibuprofen I gave him will kick in any minute and we can head to bed (4am).  I'll stop blogging now so I can hold my special little man and rock his jilted spirit back to sleep.
  I love you Matthew, Stay Beautiful Within,  (big fluffy heart) Mommy :)

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