Sunday, January 1, 2012

~~HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!~~

One thing I have learned in the year 2011 is how much of a horrible blogger I actually am. When I first started blogging I thought I would be on here posting and blogging almost everyday. Boy, was I wrong. My 2012 promise to you is to keep up with my blog ALONG with my facebook page "Stay Beautiful Within".  I started my facebook page on June 28, 2011 and it has grown to over 13,000 followers in just 6 short months. From what I understand, it has been one of the fastest growing pages on facebook for 2011. Yay, go me! 
My "Stay Beautiful Within" Facebook page is about: 
This page is for those who have a passion for Christ, their spouse, family, homemaking, decorating, Shabby Chic, pastel colors, white furniture, collecting white pitchers/milk glass, treasure hunting/junkin', repurposing, gardening, homesteading, farming, scrapbooking, couponing, special needs, The Make a Wish Foundation, cheerleading and recipies/cooking/baking. Its for sharing, laughing, teaching, creating, learning, loving and prayer requests. And for you to SHARE YOUR INSPIRATION!! I would love to hear/see what it is that inspires you! 

The Prayer for my blog and facebook page is:
~Lord, help me care less about number of Facebook friends, and more about number of souls I touch for You. Less about followers on my blog, and more about followers of Jesus. Less about re-tweets, and more about repentance. Less about "likes," and more about leading others to You. I love you precious Jesus!~

My Favorite Saying is:
~~The cycle of inspiration...can be contagious..simply allow yourself to be inspired and take that experience to the next level and dare to share and with just taking that step you in turn will inspire others!~~

As you can tell I still have issues trying to learn how to perfect a blog post. Cutting/pasting, font, size and color are always an issues that I don't have time to perfect. Please bare with me as I work on this.

Thank you to all my faithful followers who have stuck with me in my lack of blogging. I trust I can get to know all of you better here in 2012. Please stop by my facebook page and say hello too. Blessings!

                 ~Stay Beautiful Within, Erica~

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