Friday, February 3, 2012

~Treasure Hunting Thursdays~

Ok, I know, Its Friday. Guess its better late then never, right?  Every Thursday are my "Treasure Hunting" days. "Treasure Hunting" you say? Whats that??"  Ahhh.... Treasure Hunting for me is so many different things wrapped up in one. A little time away from home, a little money in my wallet, lunch with a friend, the thrill of the hunt and a treasure to bring home. It could be as little as a "Hello Kitty" shirt for my 2 y/o from Goodwill or as big as a Dresser that I found at a yard sale to be painted and loved on. Wicker furniture, frames, white pitchers, glassware, blue Ball jars, sewing desk, mirrors, shelves, bookcases, bunk bed, cowgirl boots and vases are just a few items that have stolen my heart and had to come home with me. *Treasure Hunting to me is about a vision that we have in our minds about an old item and breathing new life into it.*   Its being able to find a new purpose for something old/used and  keeping items out of landfills and recycling it. Here are a few of my favorite items I've found over the years:
Painted this little desk white and am using it for a sewing desk.

White picket fence for my kitchen window.

4 piece white wicker furniture for only $30.00

White bunkbed at a "Clean House" Yard Sale for only $100.00

The "after" photo of the bunkbed set I purchased.

Cute mirror at a yard sale for only $3.00

John Deere Cowgirl Boots for my little girl at a resale shop.

Serving/lap tray from Goodwill

My newest treasures: chalkboard, glassware, tin container,  Pyrex measuring cup all for $6.00.
What have you found on your "hunts"? If you would like to share, please join my facebook page called "Stay Beautiful Within" and post your photo to my page.  I'll add it to an online album with your name attached and your story behind the item. 
                   ~ Stay Beautiful Within, Erica ~

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