Friday, March 23, 2012

~Pop Bottle Art~

Stop! Don't recycle that 2 liter Pop Bottle yet! Lets create some  SPRINGTIME CHERRY TREE BIRTHDAY ART! 
Items needed: black paint & pink paint
rolled paper
paint brushes
2 liter plastic bottle

I rolled out the paper across the dining room table.

Start by using a thicker brush to paint your tree and branches.

Dip your pop bottle in pink paint..
With light pressure place the bottle onto the paper and lift up.
You'll want to "blot" the bottle on other paper first to get off excess paint. 
Don't press to hard or your bottle will slide. 
Use a small paint brush to create "center" of the flower and fix any unwanted mistakes.
I added a Happy Birthday message to our darling daughter Natalie.

This banner was SOOOO easy and fun to make.  Gorgeous for a  
                                   Springtime POP of color!

Hope to see you on my facebook page: Stay Beautiful Within

 ~Stay Beautiful Within, Erica~


  1. That is sooo cute! Use the 20 oz ones for smaller flowers ;)

  2. LadyStyx, I had a smaller water bottle there to use too, but the bottom was a little different then the actual 2 liter pop bottle.
    Thanks! :)